Muslim Central Media (MCM) aims to be the No. 1 Islamic Audio Podcast Publisher and Media Resource. Official Audio Uploading for Mufti Ismail Musa Menk. Our website is SmartPhone & Tablet Friendly for maximum compatibility between devices.

Audio Lectures

MCM is Unique in that Audio can not only be downloaded or streamed directly from our Website, but more uniquely via Standard RSS Podcast Feeds and via iTunes Store FREE!

Further Podcast Client users can download from ANY device including Blackberry, Windows Phones, Android etc and Apple via iTunes or Standard RSS Podcast Channels!

Each Speaker & Reciter have their very own Standard Podcast Channel AND iTunes Podcasts on iTunes Apple Store (FREE)!

This means you can subscribe to a speaker channel and receive notifications via your Podcast App.

We also place the decision of which Podcast App to use on your device but do have some Android Apps for selected speakers and reciters.

Audio Quran

Muslim Central Media features thousands of Audio Quran Recitation by various Reciters (Qurra).

You can either Download OR Stream directly from our Website OR via our unique Podcasts feature.

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Message from the Founder

We hope you find this website beneficial Insha’Allah, please make Dua that Allah grants us success in this world and the hereafter, Ameen.

Dua would be highly appreciated if you  benefitted positively in any way from our website and any donations towards our running costs would be highly appreciated :)



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